Restore Your Countertops

We’ll take on almost any type of damage. From repairing Corian cracks, to resurfacing Avonite scratches, or replacing a countertop, we provide a complete range of solutions for you.


Whether you have cracks, chips, or broken surfaces, you get repairs customized for each type of damage.


We make the replacement process easy for you, with optimal color matches, and a clean, dust-free approach.


Get rid of dull, scratched countertops. Make a big impression on your guests with smooth kitchens and bathrooms.

Choose from: Matte, Semi-Gloss, or Gloss.

Corian Countertop

Install or Replace a Sink

Zodiaq Sink Countertop

Easily Add a New Sink

Thinking about changing your kitchen sink? Choose a stainless steel or solid surface bowl, and we’ll install it for you.

Save Yourself Hassle

You need to use your kitchen properly, so replace your old sink with a brand new one that won’t cause you trouble.

Renew Your Silicone

Over time, the glue in your counter tops can become dirty, and very hard to clean. Thankfully, installing new silicone is easy! We’ll choose from a variety of silicone products, and find the one that best suits your counter tops.

Backsplash and Sink

Modify Your Countertops

Corian Cooktop

Make Room for Your New Cooktop

When looking for a new cooktop, it may seem like you’re stuck with a certain size. But no worries, we can modify your countertop to fit any cooktop you so desire.

Expand Your Kitchen

When cooking up a delicious meal, it may seem like there’s never enough counter space!  We can easily add a larger section of countertops for you to use.

Dream Up Endless Possibilities

We’re experienced in all things solid surface, so whatever you need modified in your home, we’re happy to try our best to make it happen.

Want to start the repairs?

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